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Sensor Samples for Industries & Researchers

Since 1990 Emfit has pioneered the development and manufacture of company´s patented quasi-piezoelectric, ferro-electret sensors. Today Emfit is the world's leading manufacturer of these dynamic thin film sensors for various applications.

Experience is built into every product developed and produced by Emfit. L- and S-series sensors are made to meet the special shape and size, R-series the special width requirement of each individual customer. Samples here are provided for feasibility testing only.

In order to find answers to specific requirements, we seek a partnership with our customers. For the development of complete solutions, we welcome the opportunity to be consulted from the very beginning of the project. This enables us to combine the creative ideas of our customers with the expertise of Emfit's staff. Our innovative, flexible, highly competent staff can provide answers to your questions concerning development, production and technical construction.

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