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About Us

Team Emfit consists of 20 highly motivated, skilled and experienced professionals. Together the team has over 150 years of experience at Emfit. Many of the members are owners at the company, living in Finland, Germany, USA, Canada and China. The whole team has a complementary set of skills including science, engineering, sales experience and entrepreneurship.

The History & Today of Emfit Ltd

Emfit Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Kuopio, Finland. The starting point of our business was the Emfit film, invented by our company founders. Through extensive product development, Emfit film has become the technological foundation of our company.

Our first decade was a very busy one. As Emfit sales and staff grew, our sensor design and manufacturing unit was relocated in 1998 to Vaajakoski, part of the city of Jyväskylä, in Central Finland. Today Emfit owns its close to 1000 square meter premises in there.

Keijo Korhonen, one of the original founders, was the first managing director until 1998. Heikki Räisänen, a forward-thinking serial entrepreneur and main owner, then headed the company from 1998 until April 2009. Emfit then welcomed Teuvo Heikkilä from Nokia, who led the company until summer 2011. Since then Heikki has again been managing director.

In 2000 Emfit began developing application electronics using digital signal processing. These electronics were first used for elderly care, and soon afterwards for epileptic seizure alarms and non-body-contact vitals signs monitoring. The first epileptic seizure alarm was introduced in 2003. This important and innovative system quickly received an influx of positive feedback from users, and remains one of our best selling products. Now in 2015, tens of thousands of alarm systems are in active use throughout the world.

Since 2003 our application development focus has been purely on vital signs and bed monitoring applications. In 2004 we introduced our non-body-contact vital signs monitoring in the Finnish science center, Heureka. A lounge chair with hidden sensors astonished visitors by having the ability to calculate an individual’s heart and respiration rates and then transferring this data to a nearby display. We then demonstrated our first version of our DVM (discreet vitals monitoring) software at a Medica exhibition back in 2005.

In 2006, we moved a portion of our R&D department to Frankfurt, Germany. This decision enabled us to become more involved with various research and development projects using our sensor technology in central Europe.

Emfit Corp, our subsidiary for sales and logistics in the United States, was founded in 2006 and is now located in Austin, Texas.

Our worldwide distribution network has ensured a steady increase in the sales of our core products. All our profit has been directed back into research and development and improving existing systems.

Even though 10 last years our primary focus has been on bed monitoring applications and creating new sales opportunities with our networked passive vitals monitor, we have also been involved developing numerous custom embedded electronics projects for various industrial clients. Our sensor technology OEM and license customers include several large corporates together employing hundreds of thousands of employees.