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Emfit Electroactive Ferroelectret Film (Sample pack)


Emfit Electroactive Ferroelectret Film (Sample pack)


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The core competence of the Emfit sensor products is the innovative Emfit ferroelectret film that is often mixed with ferroelectric films such as PVDF. Emfit is electroactive polymer (EAP) film that has a unique, strong electromechanical response. The film is based on a polyolefin material manufactured in a continuous biaxial orientation process that stretches the film in two perpendicular directions (machine direction and the transverse direction). Further the film is expanded in thickness at high-pressure gas-diffusion-expansion (GDE) process.

The structure of Emfit film consists of flat voids separated by thin polyolefin layers. Emfit film is 80-90 µm thin. The voids are made by compounding small particles, which function as rupture nuclei and form closed lens like cavities to the film during the biaxial orientation. The voids are enlarged at GDE process.

The high-pressure gas-diffusion process more than doubles the thickness and elasticity of the film by increasing the size of air-voids inside it. Electromechanical response with GDE processed film is over 10-fold compared to non-processed ferroelectret film.

Sample pack consists following sensor films:

  • 1 pcs sensor films with the dimensions of 560 x 980 mm


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